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 The Mill Lofts - Budapest


We are excited to announce the resumption of sales for the Mill Lofts in Budapest!
Located in the up and coming and continually revamped 9th district, these are some of the most unique and stylish flats in Budapest.


For a limited time (until February 2013) they are priced at only 470 000 HUF per square meter (circa 1680 EUR/ m2)  

Not only that but we are including a parking space, normally priced at 3 360 000 HUF (circa 12 000 EUR) AND a storage unit normally priced at 840 000 HUF (circa 3 000 EUR) for absolutely FREE!!

Our agents are standing by to answer your questions and remember to hurry as this is a limited offer.      


Please note that the purchase price includes VAT as well as the balcony which is counted at half price.

Building history
During the mid-19th century, trade in agricultural goods in the Empire was intense, with local entrepreneurs investing considerable capital into the construction of new mills. The first such mill began its operations in 1841, to be followed by many others – such as Elisabeth, Louisa, and Gizella Mills – in the 1850s and 60s. These mills produced meals and flours of outstanding quality at capacities ranked first in Europe and second – after Minneapolis in the United States – in the world. Gizella Mill, which was improved and enlarged continuously over the years, was a key component in this production performance. Gizella Mill was founded by Baron Lajos Krausz, who named it after his wife. In its peak years during the first half of the 20th century, the mill employed 400 people and produced 140 million kg of flour. 

 The golden years of mill production lasted through to the end of the World War I., when Hungary lost its major coal mines which had supplied the mills with fuel. The Gizella Mill was converted to operate with electrical power, which enabled it to survive the crisis. Fortunately, the bombing of World War II. left the Gizella Mill untouched, it was the first to resume its operations in the post-war period. In the wake of the post-war nationalization process, the Gizella Mill functioned as a state-owned company until 1963, when its industrial rail lines were determined to hinder the development of Soroksári Road and it was subsequently closed. Today, only the main building has survived, the rest of the complex was demolished over the course of the past few decades.

Sample Price List 
Includes Parking Space and Storage Unit
​Apartment - B 2/6

Size: 71 m2 + (0 m2 Balcony)

Price: 33 370 000 HUF (circa 119 000 EUR)

​Studio Apartment - D 1/2

Size: 56 m2 + (6 m2 Balcony)

Price: 27 777 000 HUF (circa 99 200 EUR)


Size: 116 m2 + (28m2 Balcony/ Terrace)

Price: 61 100 000 HUF (circa 218 200 EUR)

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​Penthouse (triplex)

Size: 148 m2 + (28 m2 Balcony/ Terrace)

Price: 76 140 000 HUF (circa 272 000 EUR)​
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Floor Plan - Each Floor (Click to download PDF, sizes 230 kb to 979 kb)
Mill Lofts 

Please contact one of our agents for a full price list and floor plans.

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